Rockers Galore - Hands Up Dont Shoot (Mike Brown Dedication​)​Sample Calle 13 Perseguidos Mutiviral

by Blayer Point-du-Jour & The Rockers Galore

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I'm running wild like a river 2x
Where I'm going its just safer
So come with me and we'll find one
You see all around the world like wars and crime
hustlin from the grind to go get whats mine
I traveling in my city from the north to west side
(french) I will see you next time

This war we fight is spiritual
got a fully loaded clip of love, compassion and patience for them
I'm standin on front line
Hands up to the sky and hope and pray they dont shoot
We've lost so many people in this war
Only crime was being as black as my shoe
In times like this tensions tend to run high
I'm glad to be proud black and alive
They cant even move my stance or slow my stride
Imma be that way until the day that I die
Cause in due time you'll find every wrong comes to light
Like roaches they scatter, I block out the chatter
Switch up the channel, connect with my peoples
They love to see us fight together hate to see us vibe together
The Lord made us all the same follow me lets rise together
Then tear it down!


released September 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Blayer Point-du-Jour & The Rockers Galore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shaking asses and lifting spirits - Citypaper

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